Yangon – Exploring sites



A three day trip to Myanmar over a long weekend.

The pictures below are from the first and third day with the second day in Bago to be in a seperate post.


Shwedagon Pagoda

My third visit here. Just love the place.

The joys of the rainy season.. A rainbow appeared just after the rain.




The kids saw me playing with my phone and the new 360 camera.

So after a few photo’s they asked me for a photo. New rule.. If asked for a photo.. I want a photo back.

Night time almost here.. The best time to see the Pagoda all lit up.

Roaming the streets of Yangon

Looking for Colonial buildings and other sites of interest.

The only Synagogue in Yangon


On the hunt for colonial era and other stand out buildings.

The old Supreme Court

Time for a beverage at The Strand.

Had the signature drink.. “Strand Sour”  Good value. Only 7 USD.

It doesn’t feel like a tourist trap like Rafffles in Singapore.

Various colonial era buildings around the Indpendance monument at Maha Bandula Park

360 view of above pictures

Contiue roaming around town.


Central Fire Station.


Formerly Scotts Market.

Now:- Bogyoke Aun San Market

If you have been to Chatuchuk Weekend Market in Bangkok. All very similar just a Myanmar flavour.

Just more jade for sale.

Time to take the ferry across the river. The Japanese are helping out with a new bridge..

There are two ferries donated from Japan currently in use.

Previously people use to cross the river in all sorts of bad weather on tiny little boats.



Yangon Central Railway Station

The cop that sits here had a laugh.

Take the train out of town a little, to the Da Nyinn Kone Market.

Only 300 Kyat, takes one hour by train or sit in the traffic for two hours by car.

The train started to fill up.

Those are hats on the floor.

We pull in to the station.
As you can see the market starts at the tracks.

Inside the market.

Loads of shops selling fish paste. You can see the fish paste in the various stages to the right of the picture below.

Rainy season means lots of Bamboo shoots.

Come here if you want red rottten & black teeth.

People are super friendly and want to chat and interact.

The train circles Yangon. A very cheap way to get about.

People come to the market, buy and take back in to town on the train..

The return visit will see all sorts of produce filling up the train.

Time to head back to Yangon.


Next a visit to see where Aung San Suu Kyi spent 15 years under house arrest.

It was raining really hard.. Picture taken under an umbrella.

Then a car went through a big puddle and gave me a rather large bath.

You have to be keen in the rainy season!

Then a walk in the park.. To be confronted by this sign..

A little lost in translation and stright to … No Sex.

Lastly a walk along the lake after enjoying sitting out the rain for two hours drinking the local tea. 

Then off to the airport, a 45 minute drive.

While it did rain the last day and a half.. On the whole, it didn’t really matter.

Ducked and dived a few showers, chill with a local tea in hand or just change the plan around.

The other plus is.. Not many tourists this time of year.