Isaan Touring – IRG – Mukdahan – Sam Phan Bok – Nakon Phanom.

Time to meet up with the Isaan Riders Group.

First finish work late Friday afternoon and head up to Udon and meet Roy.

Check over the bikes and do some basic maintenance and ready for the off.

Meet up with some of the Isaan Riders before the event.

Isaan Riders Group meeting in Sakhon Nakhon.
Really good event, well organized. Around 60 people in attendance.

The next morning we are off to Mukdahan.
First a stop by the Mekong for a break and enjoy what the locals have to offer on the rivers edge.

GPS Coordinates 16.678822958576145, 104.7522818273456

Then we move a little further up the river for snacks and drinks and take in the bridge view looking over at Laos.

GPS Coordinates 16.599907772494966, 104.7357808208606

Hotel de Ladda
GPS Coordinates 16.534134551724385, 104.73387579770626

This is a really lovely hotel with the best pool view right on the Mekong and looking over at Savanakhet Laos.

The Isaan Riders continue on their tour.

We head to Sam Phan Bok (3000 Holes) for the night.
Love this place and worth a visit or two if you get the chance.

Found this lovely family run place right on the river, not far from the boats for a morning cruise around Sam Phan Bok

Chom Khong Resort
GPS Coordinates 15.820750711236576, 105.38657377175441

The view out the back door of my room.
Rooms are basic but good. 600 Baht a night.

The owner is super friendly and couldn’t do enough for us.

Time for some afternoon exploring.

The Ancient Rain Tree.
GPS Coordinates 15.824730729523276, 105.38731383582045

Have T7. Will explore a little around the 3000 holes.

Back to the resort before the heavens opened up.
It rained and rained until at least 10 pm that night.

We had supplies to sit out the bad weather.

Chucking it down on the Khong

Then the power went out until 11pm.

The next morning off to take the boat trip.
1,000 Baht for 2 hours.

Mekong River Cruise Point
Salung Beach.

CPS Coordinates 15.822621278014871, 105.38698822675411

After the boat trip we head to Nakhon Phanom.

Love visiting this town. The mixture of French and Vietnamese influence makes it a special destination.

Hello Thakek.

Out for a morning coffee.

Bit of a long boring ride back to Udon. Bikes washed and cleaned and ready for the next trip

Next my flight back to Bangkok and plan the next trip up north.