Taukkyan War Cemetery

The Taukkyan War Cemetery (Burmese: ထောက်ကြံ့ စစ်သင်္ချိုင်း) is a cemetery for Allied soldiers from the British Commonwealth who died in battle in Burma during the Second World War. The cemetery is in the village of Taukkyan, about 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of Yangon on Pyay Road. It is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The cemetery contains the graves of 6,374 soldiers who died in the Second World War, the graves of 52 soldiers who died in Burma during the First World War, and memorial pillars (The Rangoon Memorial) with the names of over 27,000 Commonwealth soldiers who died in Burma during the Second World War in the Burma Campaign but who have no known grave.[1] There are 867 graves that contain the remains of unidentified soldiers.[2] It is one of the most visited and high rated war sites of all Asia.





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I was pleasantly surprised to see so maany locals visiting.. Taking photos and being respectful.
Nice to see people here. Better than being empty.