The Missing Link – Sangkhlaburi to Umphang and Back – Redux



It certainly was like the UN – Sangkhlaburi the Missing Link.

American, Thai / Karen, Japanese, Russian and last but not least Aussie..

We met up with the Thai guys at a fabulous view point..

This guy was just sitting back relaxed watching the carry on…

Off along the trails we go.

It wasn’t long before it became rocky and steep.. A lot of fun and very challenging
Tony helping Jack.

He has a big load for a little guy on a small bike. Carrying our dinner and other supplies..

One of our Thai friends passing up the rocky hill.

Sir Trent Crashalot..

Why me?

Mike and Jack with a good view point for pics and to help when needed.

What goes up must come down. It was steep, loose and lots of leaves with a big rut at the bottom.

After we made it down, expecting the carnage to follow.

We positioned ourselves for the optimum photo locations

Here is more video of the guys coming down the rocky and steep hill.

Onwards we go. After arriving late we pull up at the ranger gate…

The sun is setting and we need to get to the camp site. 30 mins ride to go..

A lot of fun and the Thai guys know how to eat on a biking trip.

“The Bangkok Weekend Warriors”

Khun Nui, what a fantastic fella. Looking after everyone.

Some of us should sleep in a little longer 😉

The view from our 5 star room

The wardrobe laid out for the next day..

More sleepy heads.. The bamboo floor was not bad compared to the hard wood clinic floor we will experience the next night.

After a load of three in one coffees from boiled creek water. Time for the off again.

First the ” The Bangkok Weekend Warriors’ and Jack wait for the rest to catch up at the intersection..
As Tony mentioned in his mega, hang on for the ride report.

Amazingly there are signs on these trees. Very helpful if you can read Thai 😉

This guy is a good rider.. The one that balances his helmet on his head all day.. If I remember correctly he is in North Bangkok and would like to meet up for a ride.
We had so many offers to ride with the Thai guys.. Definitely will take up the offer near Kanchanaburi town.. Great to have local knowledge and more trails for the weekend getaways.

This was very slippery to get up on our 50 50 tyres.

That river crossing.. More on this with dropped bikes in the video at the top of the report.
Khun Nui excited like everyone else. We were all having so much fun.. Hot and fun.

Taking it easy after helping most people over the river.. Tony and Gene cooling off and Jack going walkabout.

Next more fantastic trails. So lovely and great riding. Riding along and this sign appears.

The Thai guys said this is the border..

Now I wonder.. Why here and not a million other places along the trail too?

The ESRI map is really good. Some big green spots, but also a lot of trails on the map..
Amazing how close you are to the border, the trail ends on the map and white..

If you proceed you are in Burma..

Guess the locals in this area don’t really see or feel International borders. Just some imaginary line outsiders have drawn.

The grass was tall. Not sure what type of seeds, but when you rode through them they turn in to powder..
If you breathe in, the next thing you can’t swallow for about 4 attempts, as the seeds suck all the moisture in your mouth..

A bit of burning off here and some slippery dead grass to ride over on the side of the mountains

Drinks break..

Cute kids near the drinks stop.

Mike kindly asking if we can have a family shot..

Must do a Jurgen here and next trip take the photo for them..

We stop further on at a village right on the border.. Even a village this size no mobile phone coverage.

First time I have ever been 3 days with out mobile signal.. Not even this long in the most remote areas of Laos with Rex and others.

We take up half the high street..

5 baht for what ever he was selling..

Getting ready for the New Year celebrations

Helping protect Thailand’s borders.

Time to ride back about 20 km to the refugee clinic.

There is a fantastic waterfall and we get to sleep on a hard wooden floor.

If you look closely in the pic above.. You can see the dust ahead.

Off to the refugee clinic. Makes you realise how good we have life..
Every time you think life is tough or not so good.. You don’t need to look to far to see otherwise.

Asked who sponsors the clinic. Reply. David from America..

The main clinic building

When I walked in here a needle was being administered.

The treatment provided

Unloading the bikes for the day

Quite a tricky path to the waterfall

Jack our guide at the waterfall.
The Thai guys said that 1 in a million Thais visit this waterfall in one year. So 60 outsiders a year?

Mainly because it is so remote and out of the way.. Well worth the visit.

The clinic had power generated by this waterfall..

The ‘Bangkok Weekend Warriors’ in all their off-road glory.

Cool refreshing waterfall at the end of day 2 of the ride..

Our digs for the night..

Happy for the roof over the head, but a bamboo floor would have felt like luxury..


The largest Asian Elephant I have ever seen.. In fact we all pretty much agreed that.
Such a majestic animal. Must be very old to be this size. Also looks well feed and kept.

Time to cross the river……… yikes…

Mike and co setting off…

Sir Trent Crashalot (luckily not Sinkalot) and Tony.

Mike looking very relaxed.. Just another voyage.

Khun Somkid’s Photo of my crossing

Mikes broken sub frame…

Jack doing a bamboo jungle fix for the trusty KLX..

Along the way, the rest of us suffered wear and tear to the bikes…. (My Bike)

The last obstacle for the day…. Drag the bikes on the ground under this..

You really need to do this trip with Jack.. Jack is a legend.. Great guy. Plus it is fun to have Jack take you around and if you are lucky like us.. You will get to ride with a great bunch of Thai guys..

Big thanks to Mike for inviting us.. Amazing what you can all do with 24 hrs notice..
Literally had my new (second hand) pick-up delivered at mid night , loaded and on the road the next afternoon with mine and Mike’s bikes.

4 wheels for my 2 wheels and a mates two wheels as well.