KLX Sub-Frame Reinforcement and Exhaust Repair

After doing the Sangkhlaburi to Umphang missing link ride.

Our bikes were some what damaged with broken sub-frames as well as exhaust brackets and exhaust header.

Time for KLX Sub-frame reinforcement and Exhaust repair.

Mike and I met up and rode our broken bikes over to the shop.

Mike with his KLX / Bamboo DNA bike and mine with exhaust strapped on the back.

That was a long noisy ride 13 km through downtown Bangkok and across the river.

Had quite a few looks when stopped at traffic lights or riding under the BTS.

So noisy.

If any one needs repairs done at a good price and by skilled people.

Here is the shop that both Mike and I agree we will use for future repairs.

GPS Co-ordinates



The shop is roughly 150 metres past Motoaholic when coming down the road with Motoaholic on your left.

Leaving the Bush.

New piece of exhaust pipe.

Nice strong bracket made and welded each side

How it looks before the above is done.

Next picture shows how he cuts off a piece of metal and hammers it in to the frame.

He started doing this until we stopped him and explained the Kawa has Alien DNA that needs to be extracted.

Left green bamboo, right brown bamboo.

A lot of laughter and surprise when the Bamboo appeared.

First measure and cut the pipe that will go in the frame to reinforce.

Very light, not more than 300 grams per piece each side.

Press the end out so it can be welded at the end of the sub-frame and doesn’t move inside further.

Next… Bash it in.

Perfect fit.

No pictures of what happens next. All welded, oxyacetylene torch and painted.

Job done.

Here is a diagram with the parts of the sub-frame that break.. Thanks Tony.