Mae Tawao Pier and the Moei River

GPS Coordinates 17.560875543989187, 97.91323586210343

Been here a few times recently. Fell in love with the view and the tranquil atmosphere.
Just so chill and a million dollar back drop looking over to Myanmar.
This is the second time to stay over and use Mae Tawao for a base as part of a bigger trip.

There is constant traffic going back and forth between Thailand and Myanmar. Sit up and have a beer or a coffee and just watch the world go by.

Loy Krathong was only a few days away when we passed on the way up to Sob Moei.

On the boat looking over to Myanmar.

A few snap from another day when we briefly crossed over.

Heading back from Naw Ta waterfall.

Beer O’clock and the million dollar view.

Loy Krathong lights.


A short video of Mae Tawao along with the river and views from Myanmar.

A truly magical part of Thailand and Myanmar.