Mae La Oon refugee camp – Thailand

GPS coordinates : 17.78775° N 97.78471° E – One of the most remote refugee camps in Thailand.

Leaving Ban Sop Moi located at the confluence of the Moei and Salween rivers.

The track takes us up and down through the mountains until we reach single trail following the Moei river.

After clearing the single trail we end up going through the ‘back door’ of the Mae La Oon refugee camp. We know this as on the way out the gate is opened for us to leave.

It really is another world in here.


For those that would like to know more about the people and camp.

Not to be confused with Mae La refugee camp along the 105 in Tak province, visible from the road and runs for kilometers. When researching, many others have confused the two camps as I did too initially.

Mae La refugee camp – Wikipedia