Kyone Htaw Waterfall – ကျုံထော် ရေတံခွန် – Glue-Thor Waterfall

CPS Coordinates 17.461065779667113, 97.80244278281609

This really is a spectacular waterfall. Well worth a visit.

Kyone Htaw waterfall is next to Htiklawtho and is located at HoaingBwe town in Kayin State. KyoneHtaw waterfall is surrounded by a pristine forest. Approximately 30 km from the Myanmar / Thai border.

We stopped off here on the way back from ทุ่งเจดีย์เจ๊าส่าห์ – Toong Jay Dee Jao Sa

At the waterfall. Getting our war paint on.


Walking in from the entrance, be prepared to be wowed by this spectacular waterfall.

I really want to go back once things have settled down.

On Bikes next time.