Kanchanaburi – เขาปลาน้อย .136- Rainy Season 2022

Three months since my last ride here. Previous trip managed to go over the handlebars right on the Thailand / Myanmar border. Took 3 month before all good again.

YouTube : Crash on the Thailand Myanmar Border

Super happy to be heading back.

There had been a good bit of rain about too. Ensuring the tracks will be wet and muddy as well as a lot of fun.

Load up after work ready for a 5.30 AM departure.

Arrive at the resort in Sai Yok Noi. Always nice to come back.

The cheapie bungalows are good enough for me. Never watch TV, fridge for beer and a balcony to sit on and enjoy that cold beer in the evening after a great days riding.

Pool on the river with the restaurant up above to the right.

Nice and green this time of the year.

We planned two full days riding, may be the morning of the third day if not exhausted.

Found a nice little village to park at 6 months earlier. Save doing the same one hour ride here and back at the end of the day. The ride is fun, but after so many times, you just want to get to the ride destination.

Only takes 25 mins by car. We have the Pickups and all we need. Handy also if there are bike issues. Just get the bike out the bush and on the track and collect it with one of the pickups.

The village has food, water, beer, fuel as well as a bike repair shop.

Plus the locals are super friendly and always happy to see us.

Literally five minutes from the shop and we are off the road and in the bush. A real fun play area in here. We have been exploring and making new tracks avoiding the main dirt road as much as possible.

Being rainy season, it was very over grown.

A wash out that we made in to a trail off the mountain.

YouTube – Jungle Boogie

After a stop at the local shop in the bush. We take the fun muddy track.

Also discovered with Filip some new ways through the Teak tree plantations. Avoiding the mud rutted and rocky 4X4 track in part, winding up where the good fun begins.

We made it to the Base of Khao Pla Noi.

No Border Patrol Police around and not sure if we can go up.

A bunch of 4×4 here waiting. They informed us there is a tree over the track.

Advised we can go, as the bikes can get around it.

Open Sesame.

We had Three Husqvarna TE 300’s and one CRF 300.

The bike is a lot more work, being under powered and stock suspension.

Managed to smash the tool box on this crash.

Doing the right thing. Tied it to the bike and took the plastic waste out of the forest.

If only more riders did that instead of leaving their garbage behind.

We made it to the top. It was like winter up here.

Fogged in, blowing a gale from Myanmar over the mountain ridge line.

The Border Patrol Police were all inside keeping warm

YouTube : 136 Winter Wonderland

Opps.. On the way back out the muddy track. I started to disappear in to the mud bog and opened it up to keep momentum and get out. Didn’t realize someone was right behind me 🙂

After loading up the bikes and changing. Time for a beer at the local village before driving back to the resort.

YouTube – เขาปลาน้อย .136 Khao Pla Noi .136

A real ripper ride up with just perfect conditions.

Day Two

Elephant Track Climb and Exploring.

This is the first hill climb to get up the 3 Elephant Pit Track.

The other riders we met were going from the Khao Pla Noi track way as it is easier.

We soon remembered how hard this is in the rainy season.

YouTube – ช้างสามหลุม – Three Elephant Pits First Two Hill Climbs

After one more climb and so slippery, still exhausted from the ride yesterday.

Having drank two or my three litres of water already. We said, bugger this. Let’s go back down and explore and ride around. Should have done this Day 1 really when still fresh.

While going back through the Teak Tree plantation roller coaster shortcut. We could see the storm rolling in and took shelter in the farmers hut.

Singing in the Rain

YouTube :- Singing in the Rain

Knackered and called it a day. Back to the resort and chill at the pool with a beer.

The next day back to Bangkok for me and Pattaya for Leif and Jimmy.

The other guys left the morning of day two.