Wet Wild and Muddy – Khao Khiew

The Pattaya fellas planned to ride up to Khao Khiew and back this Saturday.

I love that area and for me it is 50 km each way closer than going all the way to meet up in Pattaya by the lake.
Ride here and back then drive back home again. Saves me 100 km.

We have been having lots of rain the last week.. Some of the heaviest in 12 years over one night.
So conditions will be tip top.. No dust, ruts, washouts and surely some mud??

Chucking it down as I get closer to the village where I park.

Then the sun comes out.. almost there

The best restaurant on town for me.. I won’t take anything less than the best.

English Breakfast with Fresh Coffee and of course.. The Sydney Morning Herald.. (Village Style)

So arranged to meet the fellas around 10am at the the concrete road with four jumps as you go down the track..
Great start to the day..

Waiting for the fellas.. It is hot so go and lay on the ground under the Tapioca plants.

Getting bored.. Practice turning the bike around.

We are off.. with a quick zig zag through the mountains towards the country club and back..

We have Swedish, English, Aussie, Finish, Brazilian, Swiss.. You name it.. A real international team.

Then we head back towards the main road and cross over for the fantastic trail behind the chicken sheds..
What a winner this one is.. Riding around and up and over the hill side..

Han’s came over the rise/ Bikes were in front stopped and ended up pulling up in the bushes.

All clear now.

Then back down to the main road, up a bit and run along the tree line back towards the Chinese Cemetery and village.

After a drink, some fuel for the other two stroke.. (I don’t worry about fuel since getting the Lecton 🙂

We head back toward the other mountain.. There is a terrific trail through here.. A real winner.
Then explore a little to try and see if we can loop around the mountain instead of always returning back the same way.

We can see the lowest point in the mountains . Figure the locals must have a way through here..
Or may be there is a creek running through we can ride and get out.. With out going the long way on the main road.

Phil parks the bike and we go for a walk.

Yep, a creek / wash out to follow.. I remember bush whacking with some locals a year ago and we went this way..

Here we go..

Out the other side of the creek in to another Chinese cemetery.

Now we are in uncharted territory and hugging the mountain to keep off the highway.

Surprised how many temples and buddhist relaxation resorts are set back from the road.

Under the power lines and all looking good..
Some steep ups where they had been excavating the land to build. I bottled out and crash half way up..
To be honest.. The steepest and highest I have ever had a go at getting up.
So drag the bike back down, it mostly slid down on its own..
Get up the second time.. Wasn’t that hard after all.

Then we hit the mud!!

You could barely walk.. Sink up to your knees. I was hard enough walking let alone getting the bike out.

Team work and the bike is free.. Could easily have been 3 or 4 bikes stuck!!.

Short video getting the bike out:-

Cheers and another great weekend with the guys..

The route.. The guys did another 60 KM each way from Pattaya.. Mostly off-road.

Another fun ride.