Phu Chi Fa – Doi Pha Tang – Chiang Saen


Mothers day long weekend.
Decide to take a couple of days leave on top of the long weekend

Phu Chi Fa – Doi Pha Tang – Chiang Saen

Arrive in Chinag Mai around 9pm.

Pack up and check out. Head up to the best place near the moat for an early morning breakfast.
Euro Diner.

Hit the road around 8:15am.

Off to Phu Chi Fa.

It was pretty cloudy up the top..


Occasionally the wind and cloud would blow away for a brief glimpse.

The Mekong.


Then after waiting for nearly one and half hours, it cleared.. I was just about to start walking back down.
Happy to have been up here and experienced this magnificent place again..

A couple of selfies with the place all to myself..



After spending a couple of hours up here.. Time to head back down.

Ever since the Destination Thailand TV ride up here.

We chip in and buy the kids some books, colouring in pens etc, after they told us they like to read.


Some very happy little faces. The parents said they will give the rest of the books to the kids in the village.

Next stop Doi Pha Tang.

The cloud had still cleared. It is looking good for this time of the year.


Head to Hill 2 and take a couple of 360 panoramic shots..

But I really wanted to get to Hill 3..

Phu Chi Fa, Doi Ph Tnag Hill 2 and Hill 3. In one day…

Did it.


This is what Hill 2 looks like from Hill 3
( Most people go to Hill 2 only – You are usually knackered and out of breathe by then )

Closer.. you can see the Bell

Climb up and perch yourself on the rocks for some very lovely scenery

Perched up nice and high…

Don’t fall over.. No one will notice you are gone…

Heading back down Hill 3 and one last shot of Hill 2 with the Mekong in view.


Lovely lady at the bottom selling fruit etc.. She kindly looked after my riding gear
So I could go mountain climbing..

I purchased some goodies


Now chilling in Chiang Khong and the old leg and a few other muscles are a little stiff after all that climbing.

The road out of Doi Pha Tang to the main road is pretty rough.


I took the hot line and as I started going around the corner.. Thought.. I hope there is an easy out.
The Killer Whale Versys did Kawasaki proud.

The next bend I went wide and luckily took the far right as there was no easy out..

After this linked up to the main road and easy…

Next stop Chiang Khong..
I didn’t stop for a coffee by the Khong as the weather was looking threatening again..

Fantastic view of Houei Xay Laos from my room at Tamila Guest House.

Another pic from the port.


Next day head off to Chiang Sean.. I find the beds at Tamilla so comfortable..
I slept in till at least 10 am.. Plus all the mountain climbing was pretty tiring.

A view from the temple up the hill just after leaving Chiang Khong..
I can’t remember the name.


Riding the Majestic Mekong..


Started to rain and pull in to “The View” coffee shop.
Great spot to look at the Mekong and watch the rain with coffee and cake.


So impressed with this compact Nikon AW 1..
Even caught the rain drops..


More riding the Khong. The river is right up with all the rain..


Arrive in Chiang Sean..

Time to check out the monuments..

Lovely Teak Trees growing out the wall.
Last battle against the Lana Army from Chiang Mai was 1802..


This was a cool little short cut through the wall.
Wouldn’t not have found it, but for the traffic being redirected due to road works.

OK.. Went a little further than the title of this thread..
Seemed a waste to not use the pics.. plus if you do visit Phu Chi Fa, Doi Pha Tang.

Pretty good chance you will go up to Chiang Sean and on to the Golden Triangle.

Cheers and Beers..
Another ripper time on the bike.

For those wondering what it look like from down below at the Lao village looking up to Phu Chi Fa.

August 2016 – Phu Chi Fa looking down in to Laos

December 2015

Riding in to the valley below Phu Chi Fa.

In the village below

Beers and Cheers to celebrate

The view point looking up at Phu Chi Fa from the Lao village below in the first photo.