Northern Laos : Luang Prabang – Oudomxai – Boun Tai – Nong Khiew – Vieng Thong.

After crossing at Houy Xai, riding solo to Hong Sa and on to Luang Prabang.

Time to meet up with Chris.

As Chris can’t take time off to ride together in the high season. I tag along until Phonsavan with his group. Helping out where I can and make a video of the trip along the way.

A mixture of customers. Swiss, Norwegian and of course Chris and myself and last but not least.. Houly. The guide for their trip. Not sure about my spelling of his name.

Getting in to the fun stuff.. Just watch out for the Chinese trucks.
End of day one: Beer time to wash the dust away.
Going to be a dusty trip….
Chinese High Speed Railway

Ridden through this village 3 times over the years.

Pleased to say. Very little has changed.

Cotton drying in the sun
Village life.
Did I say it would be a dusty trip.
Glad to be going ahead and looking for spots to video.
Some real nice tracks though here.
“The Secret War”.
We found this tossed in the bushes.
Probably hunting birds and other small game.

If this was back home.. Prime real estate.
The kids come out to see the Power Rangers.

Stopped here. Just before this village, coming off the mountain track there was a bit of a steep, twisty and rutted down section.

I just had that feeling. Someone could come unstuck here.

Sure enough. One person did.

Ended up leaving for Thailand the next day and on to Switzerland due to busted up arm / torn muscles around the shoulder area.

A few snaps and high fives with the kids while waiting for the rest.
Can you imagine the water that must have been ripping through here in the rainy season.
A superb single trail over the mountain.
Worthy of the weekend rides we do in Thailand.
Imagine this green and full of water in the rainy season.
Waiting at the bottom of the mountain for the rest.
Having a look around. Small temple top right.
Here they come.
Here comes Chris.

Tonight at Boun Tai.

After losing a lot of time with the busted arm in the morning . We head on the paved road to Nong Khiew.

It would have been too much in one day for the rest. Pulling in at, or after dark.

You really don’t want to be on Lao roads / trails after dark if you can help it.

Local ethnics set up a market at the road intersection
Passerby’s stopping to buy veg and other items for sale

I have moved back to the 50 50 tyres for dry season rides. Unless it is sand or serious mud.. A better choice with the paved roads and dirt tracks.

When on the paved roads. Don’t worry so much about any water on the road like with the knobbies.

Two Mighty KLX.
Best Dual Sport Bike for Laos – plus Ohlins suspension.
When you go and pee and feel something hitting your boots.
Damn.. The urinal just opens up below on your feet..

Late afternoon pull in to Nong Khiew.

Early morning cloud and ready to head to Vieng Thong

YouTube :- Northern Laos:- Luang Prabang to Nong Khiew via Boun Tai

On the way to Vieng Thong, one of the CRF’s lost his exhaust.

Looked like UXO on the track until a bit closer.

Block your ears.. Hard not to notice when riding along.

YouTube:- Nong Khiew to Vieng Thong

A ride along the 1C through all the land slips and washed out roads. That was a bad rainy season that just passed.

A few kilometres out of Vieng Thong.

Located at the beginning of the track heading towards LS 85.

The very first time here around seven or so years earlier.

Not fenced off with a VIP paid section and free section further down. No hot tubs.

There was also a small notice thanking the foreign teacher that funded the construction to help the local villagers.

You rocked up and joined in with the locals. Progress I guess. Still worth a visit before sunset.

Great after a hard day in the saddle.

That evening dinner at the one and only decent restaurant in town.

Next morning off to LS85 and Vieng Xai.