Lectron Carburetor


5 April 2017

G’day All,

Love my Husky TE 300.. But the fuel consumption is pretty ordinary.
A bit annoying when on every ride you are worried about filling up all the time.

I know very little about mechanics and KISS is my motto. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

After discussing with Justin and one other friend then reading lots of good reviews..
Decided on the Lectron Carb… It isn’t cheap. All up it came in at around 400 USD.. approx.
Luckily had a friend in the USA coming back and saved on tax and postage..

Justin said his fuel range on rides is excellent since installing the Lectron.
Exactly what I am after.. So I can enjoy this little beauty on bigger rides in Kanchanburi etc.
Not only bush whacking on day rides…

Tomorrow the Lectron Carb goes in..

Below is a bit of info from the PDF’s they sent me:-

Thank you for purchasing your Lectron Carburetors

We are happy that you are now part of the legend that includes champions and performance enthusiasts from all motorsport disciplines including motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, scooters, sprint cars, shifter karts, automotive rally cars, watercraft, dirt bikes, and custom modified vehicles.

Lectron offers carburetors and throttle bodies from sizes of 25mm to 58mm. Lectron’s operate using fuels from standard pump gas to racing fuels such as alcohol, oxygenated fuels, nitro-methane and NOS assisted systems. Due to the variety of vehicles and the spectrum of fuels available, we offer custom machining and almost 100 different metering rods.

Lectron users experience some or all of these benefits:

Broader, linear power curves through all throttle positions

Increased engine efficiency that produces more power and consumes less fuel

Fewer adjustments due to fuel signal compensation at various altitudes and temperatures

Simpler adjustments for peak performance

Lectron began in 1974 with two major innovations, the flat slide carburetor and the patented, flat metering rod as a single fuel metering device. The metering rod takes the place of a pilot jet, intermediate circuit, and main jet found in conventional carburetors.

Lectron further enhanced our carburetors by adding a power jet for mid to high throttle position fine tuning.

Quick Start Guide.


The Lectron carburetor compensates for altitude, temperature, and other atmospheric conditions, but some initial tuning may be required.

Idle Screw
Turning it to the left lowers your slide height and your idle. Turning it to the right raises the slide height and your idle.

Metering Rod

The metering rod delivers fuel in all throttle positions. Adjust the rod primarily for low to mid throttle response. The flat side must always be facing the motor to do this. Don’t adjust it without running it first. It comes preset from the factory, and tuning it on the stand will not accurately represent conditions when the motor is operating under load at the track or on the trail.

To tune the rod, remove the slide and hold the slide to where the rod is pointing towards you. Turning it to the right will richen it. Turning it to the left will lean it. What you are doing is either threading it in and shortening the length of it, or threading it out and adding length to it. Then, push the rod in towards the slide and turn it back to where it is facing the motor to save your setting. You can use a set of calipers to measure the length of the rod and get back to the starting point (on your invoice). Each ¼ turn is a .006″ adjustment.

Power Jet

The power jet is used to fine tune your top end and works like a faucet. If you turn it to the left, it opens the valve and richens it. If you turn it to the right, it closes the valve and leans it out. Tuning this has nothing to do with your idle or low to mid-range throttle response. NEVER ride with a closed power jet. If you are riding dunes, deep sand, outdoor motocross, or snow where you are wide open for extended periods, we recommend going 1/8 to 1/4 turn richer to keep your motor cool. The fuel level in the power jet line will be even with the level in your float bowl when the power jet is not activated.

Q: How do I route my vent lines?

A: If you are running two vent lines, you can run one into your air box or to the top of your frame, and one down to the swing arm. If you are running a “T” set up, you can run two up high, and one down to your swing arm. No matter what, you need at least one running down below your carb.

Q: Why is my bike bogging?

A: If you whack the throttle open (going from idle/low rpm to mid-range), and the motor gags like it wants to die, your rod is most likely too lean. If it gurgles or stutters, it is too rich. Adjust it in ¼ turn increments.

Q: Why is my top end flat?

A: If you are running wide open and your bike feels flat or loses power, turn out (richen) your power jet in 1/8th turn increments until it runs how you want it to. If it stutters or gurgles, turn in (lean) your power jet 1/8th turn increments.

Q: Why is my bike hard to start?

A: Use your choke if it is cold. If it is hard to start hot, your metering rod could be lean. Adjust it ¼ turn richer, and see if it starts and runs better.

Q: If I see smoke and spooge, do I need to lean it out?

A: Certain brand oils and mixture rates smoke and spooge more than others. Tune it for the best performance, not the least amount of smoke.

Q: Should I change my oil mixture?

A: Each oil is engineered differently. Mix your oil according to the oil manufacturer’s specs.

Q: Why does my bike sound rich, but run great?

A: Metering rod carbs draw fuel differently and sound different from a jetted carb. Tune for the best performance, not the best sound.

Q: Why is there air in my fuel line?

A: All fuel lines will have some air in them. The difference is now you can see it in our transparent lines and you couldn’t in the black line.

Web Site
http://www.lectronfuelsystems.com High Performance Carburetors and Parts | Lectron Fuel Systems

Is a bit of a pain.. I tried to order direct.
USA Credit cards only.. So my Thai card would not work.

Pay Pal Thailand is not allowed to purchase from the USA..
So my friend ordered everything for me on his US Credit card

https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/Parts-Finder/12625/2016-HUSQVARNA-TE-300 2016 HUSQVARNA TE 300 Parts and Accessories | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC[/URL]
https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/2896/70034/Lectron-Adjustable-Power-Jet-Carburetor-Kit?v=12625 Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit | Dirt Bike | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC


Update 8 April 2017

Installed at Moto45 Bangkok. Amongst other things.
Only thing adjusted was the idle. Other than that left her as per factory settings.

Today we rode some fantastic wet trails from Pattaya to Baan Chang.
A good mixture of flowing to technical.

Basically just over 100 km before hitting reserve..
Compared to 80 km for the entire tank before with the factory carb.

The icing on the cake is how it handles. So smooth.
Feels even more powerful, as the bike is now behaving in a more predictable manner.
Open the throttle and keep opening it with out worrying if the bike will just take off..
Probably not explaining it well.. All the power is three and some.
Found myself riding even faster today. Just because you have more control and can predict how the bike will behave..

So far very very happy chappy..


Mileage update:- 2 May 2017

Who would have thought such a difference.

Out riding Sunday.
After 27 km.. Stop and dump in the 1.5 litre Premix I have stored in my Camelbak.
Brings the level back to almost identical how I left earlier. Full, minus 1 centimeter maybe less..

Today’s ride.. 167.6 km.

Still have a good chunk of my reserve.. Easily reach 180 km on a tank plus 1.5 litre top up..

With out the 1.5 litre top up.. Trail riding / Exploring riding.. 150 km before dry.

Previously in Pattaya. Flowing ride with some technical getting 80 km.
Lets add extra 10km as more technical and slower going.
Impressive, how ever you look at it..

Runs better, smoother, using less fuel. Predictable..
No downside so far..

Winner winner.