Kanchanaburi – Wat Pak Lam Kha Khaeng – วัดปากลำขาแข้ง

Always nice to escape from Bangkok for a weekend in Kanchanaburi.
Stay the night in Kanchanaburi before heading off the next day to Wat Pak Lam Kha Kheang and looping back to Kanchanaburi town.

First a coffee stop

Some snaps of the bikes at the dam.

Stumbled across this and worth a look.

Becoming a monk and party on the street along the way.. Rude not to join in.

Ok, now starting to get a bit more remote.

Follow the arrows.

We went way to far, all the way to the end where a temple is and the track stops. Right on the border with Uthaithani.
A stop here first for a drink and look around on the way back.

This is the spot to turn off for the boat to the temple.

GPS Coordinates
14.934604537158624, 99.20151191358643

Made some friends with some visitors from Bangkok and had a beer.

Wat Pak Lam Kha Khaeng – วัดปากลำขาแข้ง

The fish was soooooo good.

GPS Coordinates.
14.925429189983454, 99.121976189553

It was getting late and we headed back to Kanchanaburi, arriving in the dark.

Great trip and good idea to visit this Temple Ash.