Kanchanaburi – 3 Day Mini Adventure

Kanchanaburi – 3 Day Mini Adventure with a good lunch at Baan Ricky Saiyok Yai.

Western and Thai food on the Menu.

Good to see the staff again as not been down for a while.

Unfortunately. Ricky was away with his kids at a MX race.


The 3272 up to Pilok is in the best condition I have ever experienced.

A few rough bits here and there but way better than 18 months ago.

Most of the really nasty stuff gone.

Noen Chang Suek View Point

Baan E-Tong below.
Fred Wick.

You can see the smoke hanging below 1000 metres.

Expecting the border post area to be denied access.

This is where you are stopped.

No visit to the Myanmar Army post and the locals selling Myanmar Beer and spirits.

Setting up camp after getting the OK from the Border Patrol Police.

We went to the Border Patrol Police to confirm camping is allowed. (I have camped here twice before with no issues). Given the go ahead, told we can use the toilet and shower.

We setup camp and went to the village. Had a beer and picked up some supplies and came back to the camp.

Then one of the local pickup drivers that brings tourists up had a bitch to the BPP about us camping there.

Now we are told we cannot camp. Even after being given the go ahead and told we can use the toilet and shower earlier on. So with less than 30 mins before dark. We have to pack up all our stuff and told to head to the camping ground.

Well. We are not doing that. Quite obviously this guy has some vested interest in us using the camping ground and paying. I would rather sleep on the side of the road than give him what he wants.

We want a good view and did the right thing by asking for permission first at the Border Patrol Police.

As we leave. I spot a couple of guys sitting in chairs with pickup a little further down from our camp site. Ask them are they going to camp. Yes. But waiting for the guy causing trouble to go first before setting up camp.

Having ridden around here a lot of the years. We head for Pilok Mine up the gravel stone track and wait and watch for his headlights to pass.

While waiting consume some beers and when totally dark. Head back to the camp where the other guys are.

To say I was pissed off is an understatement. Just a rotten spoiler creating problems for no reason.

YouTube :- Pilok hiding out in the dark.

Waiting for dark and his headlights to pass. We head back in the dark to setup camp.

Some bad language in the video :-/

We are back and the two guys have already setup their camp. We setup next to them.

Enjoying the evening and share some booze and food and have a good night.

Gas pipeline lights to the left. Border Patrol Police lights above the bike.
Our new friends with Fred.
Fred Cooking up a storm

Good Morning

Sunrise over Thailand. The orange look is from the burning off.

Looking towards the Border Patrol Police.
Totally enjoying the views and fresh morning air.

YouTube :- Sunrise at Pilok

Baan E-Tong

Stop for a coffee and a bit of food.

The food was pretty terrible. My omelette was cooked with 500 year old.

YouTube Relive :- Pilok Mountain Climb


A nice ride to Sangkhlaburi. Minus the mountain being on fire and the choking smoke between 700 metres and 400 metres coming down.

It was better down below. Just grey skies.

Some places we saw the fires raging along the road, even the power lines on fire.

The water level at the dam is very low.

Mon Bridge

Walk About

Off to a nice little place with a view of the sunken temple.

Hidden behind a school and a bit of minor dirt to get here.

Sangkhlaburi Night Market.

The Mon Bridge

So lucky to get photos with no other tourists about.

I bought some sweet roti bread at the night market. We gave it to the Mon kids on the bridge.

They were so happy and enjoyed it.

The next morning when we walked over they remember us and said how good the sweet roti bread was.

On the Mon side. Looks like they are paying respect to someone that passed away not so recently.

People coming and going and dancing.

YouTube :- Paying respects to a relative

YouTube :- Mon Bridge Sangkhlaburi

A walk over the entire length of the Mon Bridge.

3 Pagodas Pass

This place is so dead. Covid destroyed economy.

All the shops around the car park are closed. The market near immigration is open but no customers.

The duty free booze shops gone and replaced with shops selling orchids.

I had read it was pretty quiet up here. But wanted to see for myself.

Before walking around. Confirmed it was OK with Immigration.

The Burma Railway continues

YouTube :- 3 Pagodas Pass Ghost Town

A walk around the Three Pagodas Pass and Border area.


Before leaving. We walk over the Mon Bridge one more time and have a traditional breakfast.

It was very good.

Sai Yok Yai to Sai Yok Noi

After following the 323 to Sai Yok Yai. We take the back roads and light off road trails the rest of the way to Sai Yok Noi.

First a little creek crossing.

Beer Break. The lady remembered me and Frank from previous Songkran stop and water fights with the kids.
The famous Sai Yok Suspension Bridge

YouTube :- Sai Yok Suspension Bridge

YouTube Relive :- Sangkhlaburi to Sai Yok Noi

Sai Yok Noi

Back at the resort and Beer O’clock by the pool.

I parked my pickup here the first day and booked the rooms for today.

After some Beers and Regency it was back to Bangkok the next day.

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