Crater Bomb – Xieng Khouang

The largest bomb crater site in the province.

Located at Baan Khai approximately 33 kilometres from Phonsavan.

The bombs were dropped back in the second Indochina war by B 52 Bombers.

In many cases indiscriminately on the way back from a bombing run or part of the carpet bombing of the Plain of Jars as both sides fought over the territory between the wet and dry seasons.

As far as you can see.
In the wet season the craters fill up and the local kids swim.
Standing in the largest crater. KLX up top on the edge.
Google Earth Overview

YouTube Video

Worth a visit as part of a day trip heading out to Plain of Jars site 52.

It is quite mind blowing to see these craters and try and imagine what happened here not that long ago.

It is the shock-wave that kills, not so much the bomb and fragments