Baan Ricky Enduro and MX Training


Had a brilliant weekend again at Baan Ricky with the guys..
The previous visit we discussed training.. I love the training and get a lot out of it.
Push yourself.. Do the same things again and again.. Rather than just hacking away in a hurry to ride the trails.

Ricky had Lewis coming and a two day training event was put on.
4000 baht for two days.. Very fair and great fun.

We started off on the track..
Lewis really wanted to see how we approached the jump as it is a steep up from the other side..
We could jump if we wanted to…

This is as good as it gets for me LOL


Lee on the mighty CRF.. We had only met once before briefly.

In the afternoon we went for a ride.. Try and find some Enduro type tracks and obstacles to practice on.
It is lovely out this way.. Had to stop and take this pic.

Bit of rocky mountain practice.

Then over some logs.. Lee doing a good job here..



Some hill climbs and you have to pop the front tyre up over the pipe.


Pow wow with the coach.

Mr Baan Ricky in person.. Lending a hand.

Back to Baan Ricky and practice going down steep areas.
This doesn’t look too bad from here.. but when you are at the top.. It looks like a cliff drop LOL.
( The next day we stopped at a few different places and tackled even more challenging ones.. going up!)

This young fella can teach this old dog a thing or two.

The next day a few different things like cornering etc around the MX track.. Then out to find more natural locations..

First a river crossing and it was up as a lot of rain last night.

Then we practice tearing through the mud and coming to a stop as quickly as possible.. using 75% front brake.
Standing.. Not sitting.. so you keep control of the bike.. and the arse end doesn’t go every where..

Absolutely soaked and covered in mud.

A short 22 second video of the muddy fun.

Then some hill climbs…

Slippery mud…
I crash and Lee has a sympathy crash… LOL

We have lunch and can see this hill and decide to try and get up the top..
View from the restaurant.

Getting up the hill.

Looking back at the restaurant.

The ” Dirty Half Dozen ”

We were covered.


Last stop and knackered.

Cheers and what a great weekend.