Saiyok Kanchanaburi 2019

On the Kanchanaburi Trail

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Songkran Long Weekend April

Early wake up and ride out to Sai Yok Noi.

Decide to take both the 701 and the TE 300. Make sure the 701 is in good working order before the next big trip after the work done recently.

701 Bush Whacking

All was good until 20 km in the bush and the new EBC clutch crapped out. Same problem Frank had on his 690.

Looks like the friction plates are not the same spec as per the KTM parts website.. TBC in getting this right.

690 and 701 on the jungle trail.

After we get out of the bush. Head back with the slipping clutch.

Then realise left my plastic air filter mount for the TE 300 back in Bangkok.

So up and on the road at 5 am the next morning for a 400 km round trip to Bangkok to get it.

Back by 1 pm and 37 c.. Decide it is time for a swim and cool off.

Beer O’clock

Beer O’clock has never looked so good.

TE 300

Back to the riding on the mighty TE 300.

As it is sooo hot.. Decide to do a 200 km mega loop from Sai Yok Noi to Sai Yok Yai.

More flowing sweeping tracks with some nice jungle single trail at the below Khao Pla Noi.

Breakfast view.

Never a dull spot for a picture and always a fun ride over the bridge.

Hintock Cutting – Burma Railway

Back on the Trail

Fun tracks behind Baan Ricky and on the way to the other resort we stay at in Sai Yok Yai area.

This bridge was only put in a year ago.. First rainy season and washed out.

Songkran Water Splash

I need some fuel and the kids are having fun.. It is hot.. So we might as well join in and cool off at the same time.

The kids loved splashing the Farangs.. The mother videoed the entire time on her phone.. Great to interact with the locals


Stop on the way back for a Beer with Wasan

YouTube Video

Taking in Bridges, dirt trails, Burma Railway, small river crossings as well as some fun flowing tracks at the base of Khao Pla Noi

19th / 20th January 2019

The first Kanchanaburi ride of the season.

Frank the Tank, Filip and Leify from Pattaya.

Big drive for Leif all the way from Pattaya for a weekend of the best trails.

Now we know you have the Kanchanaburi riding bug.

I was on the road at 4:45 am. Take out the fuel and 7/11 toastie stop. Talking 2 hours 10 mins with the early start.

Going back to Bangkok 3.5 hours. Sunday afternoon, with no stops.

Filip took on a tree that was slightly sticking out in the track. Ripped the top of his boot off.

KTM’s love Sprite
First Border Patrol Police Check Point.
A few 4X4 US Army Jeep enthusiasts
Back again.. 20 times now? Lost count.
Never tire of riding this track and area.
Constant breeding of puppies up here.
Back at Everest Base Camp. Rest up a couple of weeks. Minor fracture.
Beer Lao O’clock after a great day

#relive recording of the route from Saiyok Noi up to Khao Pla Noi and back.

Khao Pla Noi – Mega Loop #RELIVE

YouTube Video

Saiyok (Khao Pla Noi) Kanchanaburi 160 KM Mega Loop

Off to find the Killer Mountain Track.

Luckily had this in my GPS or would never find it.
The gang with Leif taking the picture.
Taking photos while Leif digs holes near the top :-))
Frank blasting up
Leif blasting up
Steep, loose Soil, rocks covered by the bamboo leaves
Frank coming back down. Soil is too loose and rocky, impossible to get traction

YouTube Video

Killer Mountain Saiyok, Kanchanaburi.

Listen carefully for Leif imitating a crow call near the end.

Plus a very special technique to turn the bike around.

Killer Mountain Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi
Head off roaming around looking for tracks a farmer told us about.

A great first Kanchanaburi weekend ride of the year.