Kasi Bypass – Route 4C

Kasi bypass road 4C.

The Kasi bypass is one of the most amazing and changable roads in the region

My recent ride over the Kasi Bypass Dec 13th 2019

From the view point before the decent.

A bit further down where the mountain has been falling down.

Park the bike and look back up.

Amazing road down the mountain.

High Speed Rail in the valley below heading towards Kasi,

YouTube Video

Recent Images from Ngọc Quỳnh – September 2019.

Images used with permission.

Drone Images

You have to wonder..

How long until the slither of road on the right of the land slip is gone. They can only build up the top for so long.

Eventually it will collapse from underneath, way down below.

Matthias U Jong – May  2019

Toby Parlour – January 2018

Craig Hugall – December 2017

My images and a video December 2017

After nearly sliding off the mountain and pushed back on to the road proper. No traction.


My images and a video January 2016

Some people posing with the Mighty KLX.. Why not..


Chris Corbett :- October 2015

Kasi track still under construction January 2013

Rex & Brian

Some slow video bits and some interesting bits.. Especially around the 9 minute mark with a backhoe right up the top of the mountain.

Followed by some pictures.


Jack hammering the rock.

Above picture. Just after the nasty bend where everything gets messed up in the rain.. You go a little further and the land slips waiting on the left.. Just past here at the next bend to the right.